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Warrior Alpha QX Pro Senior Hockey Gloves

Warrior Alpha QX Pro Senior Hockey Gloves




The Alpha QXPro glove is similar in spec to the gloves we provide to NCAA and Pro teams in Europe. 


The all-new Hybrid Flex Cuff is added to this model.  It allows the open cuff to move with your arm/wrist and avoid gaps in coverage during play.  This model also carries our upgraded Phantom Foam package that is super-lightweight with added flat premium plastics for impact protection(Fingers, backhand, Thumb rolls).  The ProPalm is a combination of high wear durability Clarino 8080 base layer with an additional Clarino 8080 overlay for maximum durability.  No stretch, vented, gussets for a secure, more traditional, finger feel.  More traditional Tufftek 2.o outer covering gives a more traditional look and feel, with added abrasion resistance.   An additional three-segment index finger for added dexterity and grip feel.  Also adding in the WarTech FNC liner for a fresh and clean glove life.  Polygiene bath-treated foams, palms and inner liners wick away moisture from the hand and impede bacteria growth – which causes gloves to stink.

This glove is built for higher end play by semi-pro or AAA players, who are on the ice a lot and are looking for added protection, lightweight and long wearability.


In most cases, players stand in front of a wall of gloves, from multiple manufacturers, and try on multiple models before making their decision.  We want you to try on a Warrior and not need to try any other brand.

Butter Soft Feel might be a funny way to describe this, but there are technical factors that lead to this amazing feeling glove.Learning from the success of the AxyFlex cuff in the Covert series in 2016, both at retail and NHL Pro levels, the development team wanted to find a way to incorporate the fluid – extended free movement of a floating cuff without sacrificing any protection or traditional glove feel.


It’s a glove fit that is on it’s own.  The form follows the natural shape of the human hand.    All-new, ground-up designed patterns for the back-hand, fingers and palm all lead to a glove that feels unique.


This is not the old boxy fit and feel of the Dynasty, or Franchise long before it.  With the addition of our Axis Flex Thumb, this glove works more “with” your hand than just a large, clunky protective shell around it.


The patterns for the palm and back hand made improvements on how the gloves works when you close and open your hand and how all the protection zones interact around it.