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Sonic Sports ABEC 5 Supersonic Bearings - Good Gear Hockey Equipment

Sonic Sports ABEC 5 Supersonic Bearings

Sonic Sports ABEC 5 Supersonic Bearings



  • CLEAN - orange non-contact rubber seals and stepped inner races are a strong defense against dirt and debris - skate more, clean less
  • STRONG - deep groove raceways for lateral stability - premium 52100 chrome alloy steel heat treated for performance and durability
  • FAST - precision honed races and balls paired with a polymer cage and synthetic gel for incredible speed
  • SMOOTH - Sonic synthetic gel and polymer cage dampen noise and vibration - shock absorbers for your skates
  • PREMIUM - made in Taiwan using steel and components imported from Japan - consistently high quality
  • SERVICEABLE - removable rubber seals for easy cleaning and lubrication
  • High precision 608 bearings - manufactured to tight tolerances
  • LIGHT - polymer cage weighs less than a metal cage