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SONIC Roller Hockey Puck

SONIC Roller Hockey Puck



The Sonic roller hockey puck is the top draft pick of players, teams & leagues around the world. They are designed to help you improve your level of stick handling, shooting and scoring. The perfectly balanced puck body is made of 3.5 oz PVC and matched with low profile runners for flatter play - like a puck, not a tennis ball. The long lasting, one-piece runners are infused with Teflon to boost speed and cut drag, and because they're one-piece, they won't fall out after a hard slapshot. The body design features six power grooves to cut through the air and accelerate the puck off your blade, while also improving rebound off the boards, and dampening vibration. Made in the USA with high-impact polymers (no regrinds or scraps) - they cost more to make, but perform better in the long run. Sonic roller hockey pucks pack many innovations designed to improve your game.

  • STABLE: Perfectly balanced puck body & low profile runners - plays flat to keep the game going
  • FAST: Low-friction runners boost speed & 6 power grooves - faster shots & passes
  • RESPONSIVE: One-piece runner system springs back after impact - lively rebounds off the boards
  • TOUGH: Made with super tough virgin polymers - go ahead & take your hardest shot!
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for smooth indoor & outdoor surfaces (Sport Court, IceCourt, smooth concrete, wood) - NOT recommended for rough concrete or asphalt surfaces (driveways, parking lots, streets)