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Skate Fenders Skate Fender Full Pro - Good Gear Hockey Equipment

Skate Fenders Skate Fender Full Pro

Skate Fenders Skate Fender Full Pro



The Skate Fenders offers great low-profile protection to the front and sides of your skates. They are cut down, focusing the protection on the tongue and ankle areas making them lighter.


  • SIZING: Small-Medium - Fit from size 4/4.5 up to 8 in narrow to normal boot widths.
  • BLOCK SLAP SHOTS AND DO NOT FEEL IT: foot protection that keeps you on the ice and in the game. Also, protects your skates against pucks, sticks and other mayhem. Your skates will last much longer.
  • TESTED SINCE 2012: Game tested and proven effective in reducing painful, debilitating impact injuries at all levels of play from National hockey league to local rinks.
  • SOLID MOLDING: made of high-quality polycarbonate that has proven strong, impact resistant and highly effective in protecting the vulnerable areas of hockey players feet.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: streamlined design will not interfere with your skating stride. Convenient for players to put on and take off.