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Labeda Pama 7.1 Roller Hockey Pants Junior

Labeda Pama 7.1 Roller Hockey Pants Junior



The Labeda Pama 7.1 Roller Hockey Pants are the flagship pants in the Labeda lineup, providing maximum mobility and breathability. The 7.1 roller pants utilize a multi-directional stretch fabric throughout the pant that provides excellent air flow and durability. Additionally, the flexibility of the fabric gives players an excellent range of motion. This mobility is continued with an oversized lycra flex zone running through the crotch and extending to the backside.

The knees always see the most damage and wear, so Labeda beefed up the durability with a dual-layer knee guard featuring 1680 denier ballistic nylon on the outside and 200 denier nylon on the inside. The double layer design reduces friction on any single surface, effectively extending the life of the pants. 

All the graphics are sublimated onto the pants, so they won't ever rub off or fade over time.