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IDS Oust Metol Speed Oil - Good Gear Hockey Equipment

IDS Oust Metol Speed Oil

IDS Oust Metol Speed Oil



  • Proprietary synthetic lubricant of small chain carbon molecules that penetrate metal surfaces to form a thin boundary layer that reduces friction and wear.
  • Works exceptionally for bearings, fishing reels, guns, hinges, and stuck parts.
  • Includes hollow needle applicator for easier application.
  • Low viscosity allows for increased speeds compared to high viscous lubricants, like greases and creams.
  • Made in the USA

Oust Speed Oil is a proprietary lubricant manufactured from straight chain carbon molecules with at least 6 carbon atoms being used as a boundary layer lubricant. Under high temperatures created from frictional drag, these molecules form a metallic soap which become a tenacious lubricant film of increased viscosity to reduce the wear in the boundary region.


All OUST Bearings come lubricated from the factory with ME-TOL Synthetic speed oil. All MOC Series bearings should be lubricated every 6 hours of use with ME-TOL Synthetic speed oil. When skating slalom, down hill racing or distance racing the bearings should be lubed every 2 hours of racing. Using other lubricants will automatically VOID the OUST bearing warranty.