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CCM QLT 290 Pants Senior - Good Gear Hockey Equipment

CCM QLT 290 Pants Senior

CCM QLT 290 Pants Senior





The CCM QuickLite 290 hockey pant is a top tiered model in the latest QuickLite line that features a more tapered and snug fit. This pant was constructed to promote excellent mobility with its fit to allow players to have the ability to skate quickly with agile maneuverability.

We know these pants can move, but the most important factor is protection. CCM nailed that category with the usage of high quality, lightweight foams and materials that put this pant at pro level protection. Starting with the thigh guard, a traditional molded PE plastic guard has been made segmented for a nice comfortable wrap around the thigh. Moving on up to the hip and kidney areas CCM keeps its simple with an effective molded PE cap that offers pro level protection. One of the most important guards on the 290 pants comes from the spine guard, a segmented PE plastic molded spine protector offers high impact protection in the lower back to protect from hits, slashes and falls onto the hard surfaced ice.

Getting into what holds it all together; a pro style 400 Denier nylon outer shell offers the highest durability. The back and side panels of the pants are covered with breathable polyester to offer more reinforcement in areas of high abrasion. Another special feature comes in the liner. DryFoam technology lines the inside helping to keep the pants lightweight and hydrophobic. More specifically, DryFoam is a closed cell foam that absorbs less sweat.

For easy attachment these pants have been outfitted with a padded belt system and come with a hockey lace to complete that traditional look. If you feel like the pants are too short, these come equipped with an adjustable extension fit of up to 1” in length.