CCM Premier R 1.5 Goalie Sticks Int -24 - Crawford

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 The Premier R1.5 Int. Goalie Stick features the vibration dampening material while still giving a lighter balanced stick.

The Premier R1.5 stick was developed to reduce vibration in the hand and stick. With a full matte paddle grip, vibrations are brought to a minimum giving the best puck feel at all times. Also, the ergonomically correct shoulder of the stick is positioned for the goalies blocker hand to give increased control and feel. Lastly, the Premier R1.5 has a stiff blade structure similar to the Tacks player sticks giving goalies the extra push when needed to steer pucks to the corner.

Utilizing vibration dampening technology and feel, the Leferve design team has created the Premier R1.5 Int. goal stick for the Intermediate-level goalie wanting the best CCM has to offer.