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CCM JETSPEED Control Player Skates Senior - Good Gear Hockey Equipment

CCM JETSPEED Control Player Skates Senior

CCM JETSPEED Control Player Skates Senior




The CCM JetSpeed Control Skates are based on the CCM JetSpeed 290 with upgrades from the top end JetSpeed and JetSpeed 300 Skates. Not only does the JetSpeed Control provides features to enhance performance, it also provides an exclusive look and styling to stand apart. The CCM JetSpeed line focuses on a tight heel fit widen as it moves towards the forefoot with a shell designed to provide awesome comfort and durability.

The quarter package of the boot features action form composite for excellent responsiveness and molding and accompanies a heat moldable EPP foam core with a contoured shape that allows for customized support. An upgraded liner from the JetSpeed is featured and offers soft touch comfort for the foot and dual zone materials. A superdry lightweight liner wicks moisture away from the foot and a durazone abrasion patch maximizes durability. As well a red smooth contour comfort pad enhances overall foot comfort.

A multilayer tongue is featured on the skate with 10mm white felt and lace bite protection to provide maximum comfort. The outsole of the skate is upgraded to match the JetSpeed 300 and features a fiberglass outsole with exhaust for better stiffness and power transfer as well as quicker drying. The steel of the CCM Control is also upgraded to match the CCM JetSpeed and the Hyper-Glide steel provides superior speed and glide and enhanced performance.

Source Exclusive upgrades include a dual zone soft touch liner with durazone abrasion patch, a red smooth contour comfort pad, fibreglass outsole with exhaust and Hyper-glide steel. - See more at: