Choosing the Correct Inline Hockey Wheel

Indoor roller skates differ from outdoor skates mainly due to the wheels. The smaller the wheels on the skates, the slower the speed.  Beginer skates will likely have smaller diameter wheels such as 59mm, 68mm, or 72mm. The deck height on the skate will also be lower and also the lower center of gravity. The trade off will be better balance and maneuverability. Youth skates such as the Tour FB 225 and The Alkali RPD Lite Adjustable  both have smaller wheels. They also have a outdoor wheel which is a bit harder and will be more durable on asphalt. 

If you are replacing your inline skates and do not know which wheel is the correct size you will find on the wheel a size number. For example in the picture below in a labeda addiction wheel that is size 80mm. 

80mm labeda wheels


Not all skate wheel set ups are the same. You may find that your existing skates have 80mm in the back two wheels and 76mm for the front two wheels. This set up is considered a Hi-Lo set up. and provides a more aggressive stance. Other manufactures may use a straight set up like 80mm for all 4 wheels while a few may use 80mm on the back, two 76mm in the middle and a 72mm in the front.  

There are two important factors when choosing the proper wheel for your inline skates. The type of surface and your weight class. If you choose a very soft wheel that is intended for indoor use, the lifespan of those wheels is greatly reduced if you pick a wheel that you are too heavy for. The inline wheels will begin to chunk out. Alternatively if you choose a hard wheel that is intended for use on asphalt and outdoors are you use them on a Ice Court or Sport court you will not have any grip or traction and possibly slip while trying to take off and stop.

We recommend Labeda Wheels. They are a company that has been around since 1969 and the items are made in the USA baby. 

We recommend never using an indoor wheel outdoors, unless you like buying new wheels often. The key is to find a balance between durability and speed. The Labeda Shooters  are a great all around wheel. The are entry level pricing and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.  If you are playing more competitively then the Labeda Asphalt and Grippers are both great options as they are durable with a decent amount of speed and grip. Its smaller core design allows the outer urethane mass to flex, maximizing grip with its larger footprint.

The Labeda Extreme was made for those outdoor hockey players that get tired of burning through their wheels so quickly. The extreme was created to last during fast paced outdoor play!!! Created with abrasion resistant urethane for superior outdoor wear and great grip. Measures 80mm 94A, Includes 8 Wheels 

Sport Court and Ice Court Hockey playing surfaces you can choose from the options below. 

sport court hockey wheels

sport court and inline hockey court wheels



As we move into more competitive hockey wheels we will need more aggressive wheels. 

The Labeda Millennium Wheels are the measuring stick for all other hockey wheels to be judged. Labeda the leader in multi-layer urethane technology combines our specially formulated grip chemistry with our highest rebound urethane core to continue improving the best-selling performance hockey wheel in the world! Plastic tile recommended.


The Labeda Addiction are the cream of the crop for hockey wheels. Designed to have great grip, faster roll speed, plus better wear. The first wheel of its kind to use harder outer and inner urethane that still can grip plastic floors. Its technically intricate core allows the harder urethane to flex and compress when side loaded for superior grip during stopping and push-offs. The orange wheels are ideal for players 175 lbs. and over or heavier players looking for more grip. While the Yellow are designed for players up to about 175lbs. Plastic tile recommended.

A new addition to the Labeda Wheel family is the Labeda Union. They offer a balance between the Millenium and Addiction wheels and a modest price point. With an injection molded core, Labeda was able increase the speed of the wheel and still maintain maximum grip. Built for those who like a fast wheel and great stopping power Plastic tile recommended. New Labeda Union contains completely redesigned components specifically designed for inline hockey. A new large Revolver core creates a stiff base for unmatched speed, creating hockey’s fastest wheel. You can’t have that much speed without a way to control it. The new Apex ring reacts to your every move, which in turns initiates early flex and compression points for immediate braking power! 

It is a durable wheel and is available in X-Soft. 


A new improved Dynasty core uses a more advanced urethane. They dynasty is similar to the union in price point durability and speed.  The new core offers more flex allowing the wheel to flatten in turns, widening its surface area and providing maximum gripping power. Its triple durometer urethane construction continues to provide the right balance of grip and speed. Plastic tile recommended.


 labeda dynasty wheel inline hockey wheel


 The sizing run for inline hockey skates is usually between a half size and two sizes smaller than a shoe size and all sizing is done in male. This means that a size 8 street shoe is actually between a 6 and 7.5 inline hockey skate. Alkali is roughly 1.5 sizes smaller than a shoe size while the Tour Skate is roughly 2 sizes down. 




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