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STX Surgeon RX 2.1 Hockey Stick Senior - Good Gear Hockey Equipment

STX Surgeon RX 2.1 Hockey Stick Senior

STX Surgeon RX 2.1 Hockey Stick Senior




Weight: 455 Grams Weight of the product measured in grams.
Length: 60 Inches Length of the product measured in inches.
Construction Material: 3K Carbon Fiber Type of material the product is made of.
Kick Point Position: Dual kick points Inflection point where maximum stored energy is released.
Shaft Design: PUREGRIP ergonomic design Shape of the shaft edge.
Blade Construction: Quad Core construction Type of material the blade is made of.
Tapered: Yes Shaft width gets thinner towards the blade
Warranty: 30 Days Period of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


STX might have just forever changed sticks as we know them. That’s right – this isn’t your cookie cutter, rectangular shaft design. For the RX2.1, STX introduces the PUREGRIP shaft design, which is an ergonomic shape to the underside of the shaft. The point of this innovative design is to maximize the contact between the hand and the stick, resulting in an increased level of control.

If the groundbreaking shaft shape isn’t enough to sway you, this stick is also loaded with some pretty insane technology. The stick is constructed using a lightweight, high-performance 3K carbon fiber with a raised texture for improved control and grip.

Precision Flex technology uses dual kick points – an upper kick for increased stiffness and energy load, and a lower kick for quick release and elevated responsiveness. The blade is enhanced with Quad Core technology, which keeps the blade light and torsionally strong for a more accurate release with every shot.