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CCM JetSpeed FT365 Ice Hockey Skates Senior

CCM JetSpeed FT365 Ice Hockey Skates Senior

CCM JetSpeed FT365 Ice Hockey Skates Senior



 The CCM JetSpeed FT365 hockey skate is designed with a pro-ergonomic shape for maximum speed generation. The JetSpeed FT365 is lightweight, and uses the comfortable, customized fit to create a more direct energy transfer. This energy transfer equates to maximum output from every stride you take.

The JetSpeed FT365 features an injected construction with a composite skin, which is thermoformable and helps provide boot support and overall durability.

Inside the skate, the heavy-duty microfiber liner uses Durazone abrasion protection to reduce rub in high-stress areas of the skate. A traditional 7mm felt tongue with embossed lace bite protection molds to the foot and ankle, adding yet another comfort feature to maximize your performance.

Of course, the CCM JetSpeed FT365 hockey skate also includes CCMs popular SpeedBlade 4.0 holder, Black Steel runners and the Anatomical Response insole that provides elite support and comfort. Each feature of the JetSpeed FT365 is strategically designed to allow peak performance at all times. You'll find that not only does this skate perform well at all times, but with subtle design touches it will look even better.