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Drymax Hyper Thin Hockey Skate Socks Crew Cut

Drymax Hyper Thin Hockey Skate Socks Crew Cut



The Drymax Hyper Thin Crew Cut Hockey Skate Socks help keep your feet dry during the game, and flat knit construction makes them even thinner than the original Lite version. No fiber technology attracts & repels sweat simultaneously. So to keep feet dry, Drymax uses sweat repelling Drymax fibers on the Skinside™ and sweat attracting fibers on the outside. Sweat doesn't stick to Drymax fibers, so it moves completely through to the outer layer keeping your foot drier and improving the fit of your skates, especially late in the game.

The Hockey specific sock features an ID patch, as well as a lace bite pad. The Drymax LiteMesh sock is a thin performance sock that offers over the calf length. Drymax states these socks are up 25 times drier than other performance socks. 

Also available in Hyper thin Mini Crew cut.