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CCM Pro Goalie Sitck Pro Stock M Visentin

CCM Pro Goalie Sitck Pro Stock M Visentin



CCM produces it by using Aspen wood and then reinforcing it with fiberglass to help distribute energy from puck impact. Inside the stick lies a polyurethane foam core to increase the sticks feel by absorbing energy from incoming shots. But what makes the Pro special is the graphite-reinforced blade that offers an enhanced sweet spot for shooting—making passes crisper and more accurate.

Exclusive CCM Pro goalie stick.
Lightweight foam core: reduces fatigue, improves control.
Aspen wood core shaft for improved strength.
Polyurethane foam Injected blade and paddle for increased strength.


CCM Pro Stock Goalie Stick  

 Senior Model: Pro 

 Paddle Size:  28" / Please see additional photos of how paddle height is measured to compare with your own stick

 Construction: Wood Shaft / Foam Core / Graphite blade stabler

 Blade Pattern: Heel Curve / Open Face

 Standing Length:  66.5" (Measured by standing up flat against a wall and measuring from the floor to the end of the shaft)

 New stick in perfect condition.  

Stick came from Mark Visentin of the Nashville Predators Organization