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Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey Shoe Insoles

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$7.99 Flat Rate Shipping Free Shipping On Orders $100 or More

$7.99 Flat Rate Shipping Free Shipping On Orders $100 or More

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What’s a stepped inner race?

Inline skate 608 bearings have 2 races – inner and outer. The outer race contacts the wheel hub and the inner race contacts the axle. To see the complete inner race, the shield or seal needs to be removed.

Sonic bearings feature an inner race with a step (think of a step on a flight of stairs). The inner step makes it very difficult for dirt and debris to reach the ball bearings. Clean bearings roll smoother, faster, and longer.

On bearings without a stepped inner race, dirt has a direct path to the ball bearings. The stepped inner race adds manufacturing costs but the result is a superior product.

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